Sofia Maya Collin

Ms. Collin strives to understand and posit how law and government may be an implement of peace— not simply one of redress— developing Unbounded Law and its practical applications to cultivate peace through a more symmetrical justice system.

In 2018 Ms. Collin ran for California's 37th Assembly District seat; although not elected, the experience strengthened her commitment to service and to the pursuit of law designed to inspire and empower all people. She is the author of a proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, entitled: The Love Amendment.

Ms. Collin is a graduate of: Santa Barbara City College, U.C. Berkeley, and Claremont Graduate University.

Current Studies: Law student at The Santa Barbara College of Law; and Participant in the Clinton Global Initiative University.  

Interviews: The Bottom Line; VC Star; News channel KSBY; Teri Jory of The Resource SB; Santa Maria Times; and interviewed and endorsed by the Montecito Journal

Panels: EnviroVote Enviromental Policy Panel hosted by Santa Barbara High School, 2018; Candidate Forum hosted by Valle Verde Retirement Community, 2018.

Conferences: (Re)Imagining Justice, Notre Dame's 2022 Student Peace Conference; Clinton Global Initiative University's 2023 conference held at Vanderbilt University; and 2023 Benjamin V. Cohen Peace Conference: Places and Spaces for Peace.

Dare to Care

I dare to be a bridge, and not an island.
I dare to listen before I speak.
I dare to think of others before myself.
I dare to strive for equality, justice, and peace in all endeavors. 
I dare to love my country and its people fearlessly, and serve the greater good. 
I dare to accept and respect all people—
I am a daughter, and a citizen of the United States, with the courage to care. 

Dare to care. Do you dare?